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Veterinary Services in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Dog, Veterinary Services in Fitchburg, MA
With Twin City Animal Hospital in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, your dogs, cats, and pocket pets can receive quality and affordable veterinary services. We believe that through effective communication, we can work together to give your pet a happy and healthy home environment.

Veterinary Services

Pets are an important part of all our lives. At our animal hospital, we strive to do nothing more than ensure that your friends remain with you for a very long time. Our veterinary services include:
• Dentistry Services: Cleanings, Tooth Extractions,
_and Veterinary Medicine
• Vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, and De-Worming
• Major Surgeries including Spay and Neutering
• Short-Stay Animal Boarding

Veterinary Acupuncture

We are very pleased to announce our newest addition of veterinary acupuncture and pain management services. To learn this new, unique, and effective oriental medical art, we went through intense training here in American and in Korea. In most clinical cases, animal acupuncture has resulted in phenomenal results.

Laser Surgery

Additionally, to provide you and your pet with better surgical care, we have acquired laser surgical technology and equipment. This modern technique is very beneficial to animals with risky surgical conditions such as possible blood loss during an operation. It also reduces pain and enhances healing post operation.