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Understanding Pain

Psychological and Behavioral Response to Pain:
Comfortable when resting.
Happy, content, not bothering wound.
Interested in or Curious about surroundings.
Non tender to palpation on wound or surgical site.
Content to slightly unsettled or restless.
Distracted easily by surroundings.
React to palpation on wound or surgical site.
Looks uncomfortable when resting.
May whimper or cry and may lick or rub wound.
Droopy ears, worried facial expression.
Reluctant to respond when beckoned, not eager to react.
Finches, whimpers on palpation on wound.
Unsettled, crying, groaning, biting of chewing wound.
Guards or protects the wound or surgical site.
Maybe unwilling to move all or part of body.
Maybe increased respiratory rate, sharp cry or growl.
Constantly groaning or screaming.
May bite or chew at wound.
Potentially unresponsive to surroundings.
Difficult to distract from pain.
May react aggressively when touched on wound.
Acupuncture Points Diagram